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Why Infertility?


The one little word that many couples worry 

about when they decide to start their family. Each passing 

month their anxiety heightens over the fear of this 

diagnosis. For many, the anxiety quickly subsides when

they finally get that first positive pregnancy test. But for as 

many as 1 in 8 couples, this word becomes their reality.


Couples faced with infertility are often presented with an 

array of options to expand their family. Some of these options include fertility treatments, adoption, and surrogacy. Fertility treatments can include but are not limited to: Intrauterine Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Assisted Hatching, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, utilizing an egg donor, utilizing a sperm donor, and medications. While it is wonderful that these options exist, they often come with a very high price.


Bundled Blessings Fertility Foundation, Inc. aims to provide funds to families diagnosed with infertility, who would otherwise not be able to afford to seek the available options to have children and expand their family. 


Effects of infertility:


  • People diagnosed with infertility are at a greater risk of developing depression and anxiety disorders.

  • Losing your ability to conceive a child, and possibly never have children, is heartbreaking, terrifying, and tragic.

  • Being able to seek treatment during one’s prime reproductive years is essential to increasing one’s chances for success. With some diagnoses, the opportunity for success may only be open during a small window of time.

  • Insurance coverage is very uncommon for infertility and all fees must be paid up front.

  • The emotional, physical, and financial toll infertility can take on a person is overwhelming. However, together we can help alleviate some of the financial burden for these families.

  • When a couple is diagnosed with infertility, it often consumes every thought they have, every action they take, and every penny they might spend.

  • Feeling like your future is on hold due to financial restrictions can be frustrating and discouraging for couples struggling with infertility.


By supporting Bundled Blessings, you can help make someone’s dreams of expanding their family possible and change their lives forever.