Our Mission

To raise awareness about infertility and provide grants to those diagnosed with medical infertility to assist with treatment, adoption, and surrogacy costs.



The Bundled Blessings Team
Shauni Holcomb 
President of Bundled Blessings
Rachel Rowley 
Secretary of Bundled Blessings 

My name is Shauni Holcomb. My husband and I were diagnosed with infertility in 2013. After trying to conceive a child for two years, we discovered that our best option for having children was through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). After going through IVF with ICSI, we were blessed with our beautiful little girl, Paisley. When my husband and I were first diagnosed with infertility, we felt so alone and overwhelmed and didn’t know anyone who shared our diagnosis. While going through treatments, I spent a lot of time scouring the internet and reading blogs in an effort to learn as much as I could from people who had gone through the treatments I was about to begin. I was a nervous wreck, but was so grateful to each person who shared their story and brought me comfort during this time. I hope that Bundled Blessings brings comfort and support to those facing infertility and helps to raise awareness about such a difficult and often hidden disease. You are not alone. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the Bundled Blessings Team!

Outside of Bundled Blessings, I also work as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. I love working on our small family farm, hiking, camping, and playing with my daughter alongside my amazing husband, Kyle. I am so excited to meet all of the incredible families fighting against infertility and those who support our cause!

My name is Rachel Rowley, and I volunteer as the Secretary of Bundled Blessings.  When Shauni told me she had been thinking about starting a fertility foundation to help those afford the possibility of starting a family, it was something I knew I would be excited about and something I’d want to be a part of.  With my husband and I struggling to get pregnant for over three years of our marriage, we have tried various modern day treatments as well as more natural approaches, and have learned that infertility can be a costly journey.  I couldn’t find something more worthy of my time than helping others with infertility, who have the desire to start their own families, to lessen the financial burden in an already stressful and heart-aching circumstance. 

I’ve been happily married to my husband Pete for close to six years, and have lived in five different states, with Idaho being our primary home that we always look forward to coming back to.  We have a beautiful boy, who we consider to be nothing short of a miracle.  After three years of struggling with infertility, he came at a time that was the least probable and possible and we thank God every day that he is ours.  I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology, and my husband will be graduating with his DPT from Pacific University in May of 2018.  Outside of Bundled Blessings I am a stay-at-home mom who enjoys reading, hiking, being active, cooking, time with my little family, and visiting new places.  

Kamryn Burns
Treasurer of Bundled Blessings

Santanna Kaiserman
Community Outreach Coordinator

Hi, my name is Kamryn Burns and I am currently serving as the Treasurer of Bundled Blessings Fertility Foundation. When I was approached by Shauni to help in the founding of Bundled Blessings, my husband and I were currently in the middle of fundraising and saving for our second round of IVF. In that process, we were touched by the amount of individuals who immediately stepped forward and were willing to help us raise the money we needed to start our family. It was an experience that touched my heart, and left me with this overwhelming feeling of needing to someday pay it forward. When Shauni approached me, I immediately knew that I had to say yes. I was so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful and to have the chance to pay it forward to other couples who, like me, wanted to start a family, but were faced with the challenge of trying to fund it. 

My husband Abe and I have been married for 5 years. After a two and a half year battle with infertility we were blessed with boy/girl twins who were conceived via our second full round of IVF. Charlotte and Greyson are a year and a half now and are the light of our lives. We adore them so much and now realize how worth it our struggle to conceive was. Our little family enjoys spending time together outdoors, traveling and spending time with our friends and extended family. Both my husband and I graduated from Boise State University with degrees in Psychology and Finance. We currently live in Nampa, Idaho where my husband works for Idaho Central Credit Union and is currently pursing his EMBA at Boise State University. Outside of my work with Bundled Blessings I teach English as a second language to children in Beijing and stay home with Charlotte and Greyson. 



My name is Santanna Kaiserman. My husband, Cole, and I were diagnosed with infertility in early 2013. After learning about our diagnosis we discovered that going through In Vitro Fertilization with ICSI would be our best bet on having a baby. We welcomed our first son in March of 2014. A little over a year later we got the surprise of a lifetime and found out we were expecting our second son without the use of any fertility treatments, and we welcomed him into our family in March of 2016.


A side from Bundled Blessings, I am a stay at home mom to my two busy boys and wife to my hard working husband. We live in a small town in Idaho and enjoy the outdoors every chance we can. I enjoy reading, baking, and organizing. Going through infertility was such a dark time in our lives and marriage. However, I am grateful for the trial because it’s opened up my eyes on how much support and resources are needed towards couples faced with infertility. I’m happy to volunteer my time to such a needed cause. I hope that in our little corner of the world you can find comfort and support through your journey. 

Jesi Gifford
Social Media Coordinator

My name is Jesi Gifford. My husband, Nathan, and I welcomed our daughter into the world in 2016 after my sister acted as our gestational carrier. After five years of heartache, including a stillborn son and a daughter who passed away at 9-days-old, surrogacy truly changed our lives. It is something I'm so passionate about and I am so grateful to be part of a team that aims to change other's lives as well.

Outside of Bundled Blessings, I am a hairdresser and nail technician in Meridian, Idaho and have been married to my high school sweetheart for seven years. We were both born and raised in Idaho until the Navy took us on a four year adventure to Virginia. We miss the east coast but are happy to be back in Idaho, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with our families. In my free time you can find me playing with my three dogs, sewing, crafting, and making memories with my daughter, Charlee. I can't wait to see what the future holds and I look forward to fighting the odds with you all!